Sandeha Lynch ... Photography and Sculpture
Everything Belongs Here: A Sketchbook of Wales
Ten years of shooting black and white film

By Sandeha Lynch

The following 100 photographs were taken in Wales between 2004 and 2013. They were all shot on black and white negative film, developed using traditional chemicals and then scanned. The majority have been seen online, but this is an occasion to view them in one album as an online book. The intention is to present a pre-punk, prog-rock version of photography in Wales.

Each photo is accompanied by about seventy words, just enough to give some textual support while reflecting on the image. The paragraph may describe some practical feature of the photo such as how it was taken or processed, or it may describe the thoughts that underpin the image.

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Details of titles, types of camera, film and lenses can be found in the DATA TABLE.